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City Creek Center

In the heart of downtown Salt Lake the largest mixed-use downtown development opened for business in March 2012. Perhaps the most talked about feature is the retractable roof system fabricated by Ducworks which provides a comfortable shopping experience along the two city blocks that City Creek occupies.

The retractable roof features twelve individual panels with each fully assembled panel weighing about 160,000 lbs. The roof moves at about 8 feet per minute and can open or close in about 6 minutes.

In preparation for production, Ducworks fabricated a scaled mockup prototype of four panels to test the seal system. In addition, a fully energized first article panel was assembled in our yard to test performance, loading, deflection and fabrication tolerances. This panel was then disassembled, painted and shipped to the jobsite.

The visible steel components were finished to Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel (AESS) specifications and feature a 4-coat high-performance metallic Tnemec paint system applied in our paint shop. In addition, Ducworks machinists were kept busy machining components that were incorporated into the final assemblies. Before shipment each whalebone rib and rail girder was fully assembled in Ducworks’ assembly shop.

Project Duration: 2009-2010
Design-Build Contractor: Uni-Systems Engineering
Architect: Hobbs + Black Architects
Structural Engineer: Magnusson Klemencic Associates
General Contractor: Jacobsen Construction