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Ph: (435) 792-4667
  • Indoor, ventilated 20’-0” x 20’-0” x 60’-0” paint booth with recirculating bake mode
  • Indoor 25’ wide x 34’ deep Wheelabrator Grit Blast system: blasting steel grit medium with ¾” nozzle
  • Graco Xtreme portable airless paint system up to 5,600 psi
  • Pressure washing up to 3,000 psi
  • Ducworks regularly applies the following coatings:
    • Shop coat primers
    • Zinc-rich primers
    • Epoxy primers, Urethanes, Industrial Enamels
    • Primer and/or paint over hot dip galvanized surfaces
    • Finished top coats (oil or water base) in any customer specified color including metallics
  • Ornamental & architectural patinas on bronze, brass, steel and aluminum
  • Black oxide