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In anticipation of the arrival of the USS Texas, the first Virginia class nuclear submarine to be overhauled at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard (PHNSY), a specification for a Material Highway was developed by the Navy to aid in this overhaul.

Ducworks, along with our engineering partner, Cartwright AEC was awarded the design-build contract which included complete design development, test fit-up, fabrication and installation in Dry Dock #1.

A key function of the Material Highway is to allow easy access to the boat and bottom of the dry dock from either side of the dry dock. In addition an enclosure with a 2-ton crane over the hatch enables the workers to quickly hoist items in or out of the boat without the aid of the PHNSY mobile cranes.

*For security reasons photographs of the installation at PHNSY are not available.

Project Duration: 2011-2012
Design-Build Contractor Ducworks, Inc.
Structural Engineer Cartwright AEC

    Scope of Work

  • Engineer and design a functioning Material Highway from US Navy specifications
  • Perform test fit under naval supervision at Ducworks’ yard
  • Completely assemble structure and components and install in Dry Dock #1